Thwip! Reviews – All-Star Batman #10

The beginning of “The First Ally” starts off with hum-dingingly raucously as we get to learn a bit more about the gentleman’s gentleman…Alfred.

Snyder goes to his dad well (as usual) in this story, having Alfred call Bruce his son at every moment he could, but for this story it seems to work well. The promises that this story holds is kind of intriguing, in a very bombastic action movie sense (this, despite the movie comparison, is actually a compliment). It seems that Snyder is going to stick to this pirate-themed adventure while giving Alfred a little bit of Spring-Heeled Jack-like escapades in flashbacks.

This should be fun, a shame that Hush had to come back though.

Rafael Alberqueque’s art is a masterforce, his scratchy style never feeling rough, but instead just right for each moment that is on the page – whether it is an epic entrance or a run through the rooftops to escape the police, Alberqueque delivers and then some.

What flaw does this issue have? Well it seems to be telling more than showing, which is something I always hate (though there are circumstances for why the story-telling is so, but I reject that excuse).

The backup story also well worth a read with Alberqueque and Rafael Scavone writing with lovely art by Sebastian Fiumura

A solid four Thwips for this final story arc for the All-Star Batman series.


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