Thwip! Reviews – Bug! The Adventurers of Forager #01

The Fourth World has been one of a triumvirate of missing holes in the DC universe (for those of you wondering, the other two are the Legion of Super-heroes [hopefully slowly making a come back] and the other is Wesley Dodds [at least it looks like the JSA might be coming back soon enough]) and so Bug! appearing in this Young Animal adventure seems it might satisfy some Jack Kirby cravings for now.

Now I am still a Kirby neophyte, so if I make mistakes about the Kirby mythos, please forgive me.

Anyways, this story has it all, intrigue, mystery, ghosts, Sandman (of sorts), Batman, Orion, talking teddy bears, and a whole lot of jumping!

What I loved about this story is that it is clear it has love for Kirby and his Fourth
World, but does not try to emulate The King. Allred is a potent creator by himself (his Madman is awesome) and so he is here to put his own unique spin on Bug! (not one of the more known creations of Kirby. Michael and Lee Allred are trying to go for a very warped story, laying down the weirdness and the mystery thick and fast as Bug! finds himslf awake/alive.

Allred’s art is beautiful and poppy, if you know of Michael Allred, then you know what to expect, which is glorious awesomeness (thankfully Allred has never been inconsistent, you can pick up anything he arts on and you know at least you are in for a spectacular visual feast).

Loving this first issue, it’s got me hooked, and it is why it gets the four and a half Thwip commendation!


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