Thwip! Reviews – Detective Comics #956

This issue was…a little bit of a disappointment.

Up until this issue there was this big buildup towards Orphan and Shiva’s confrontation and the whole thing of the two trying to show whose philosophy is better as thy trade blows is this magnificent kung-fu style ending…that ultimately gets usurped by an outside force and with promises that there are bigger things at play. It is that that is the most disappointing of all, there is no pay off for the build up, instead we find out our princess is in another castle.

So yeah, in a rare moment, Tynion let me down, doing something I hate – not finishing off the story, but instead promising that the next bit will be better (King’s Batman is doing the same thing, but so far each arc has finished in one way or the other and the next arc builds off of what the previous has done, so you get some small measure of closure, but still know that there is even more to come, so yeah)

Marcio Takara’s art is beautiful, specially those double-page spreads of Shiva fighting Cassandra, with each blow feeling brutal and still lovingly rendered. I cannot wait to see more from this artist, especially something that is action packed.

There were good things but I was left with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, three sad little Thwips mainly due to the strength of Takara’s art


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