Thwip! Reviews – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #20

Man this issue reminds me why I do not like Hal Jordan (he is such a weird fratboy of Green Lantern).

But that’s why I like Venditti’s writing on this book, the strong voices that he puts in each of these characters makes them so relatable (in good and bad ways), so much so that you find yourself reacting to what they say and do. I kind of wish the villain was a bit less bland, but hey, it just means that we get to enjoy the rest of the Green Lantern Corps/Sinestro Corps as they bluster and bombast their way through this situation.

So it has been kind of fun to read, though ultimately it feels slightly inconsequential.

Sandoval’s art is solid as always, though in this issue he does not get to shine as much with making some crazy constructs (the constructs were a little bland in this issue, but considering why, it is not a flaw). The portraiture and posing of the characters are interesting (and not insane) so you get some pretty people to look at. All in all, it is business as usual for our artist man.

Pretty solid issue as we ramp up to the exposition of the villain’s plot/hero’s escape, a good four Thwips!


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