Thwip! Reviews – Titans #11

Part one of “The Lazarus Contract” mini-crossover, let’s see what happens to the younger hero crew (but not the youngest crew…their time is soon).

So begins a cross-time caper of Deathstroke proportions.

A pretty interesting first issue, in that it lays out everything we need to know and gives enough character work for us to feel the weight of the situation. The writing team of Abnett, Percy, and Priest seem to mesh well together as they lay out this story of Deathstroke trying to amend a past regret. Deathstroke’s interaction with Wally (the original Wally) is kind of a small harkening back to the old days before the New 52, which gave a nice, comfortable nostalgic feeling to the situation.

Very decently written and given enough of a spin of intrigue that I am genuinely interested in the next part of this crossover.

Brett Booth’s art is fine, it’s not my favorite style, though am sure that other people will enjoy it. He does nice work with the layouts though and that contraption design is interesting to say the least, so all in all, am satisfied with his work in this issue.

This issue of Titans (and the first chapter of “The Lazarus Contract” crossover) has thrown down, let’s hope that the rest of the chapters can follow suit as well.

A nice three and a half Thwip!s for a good showing.


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