Thwip! Review – Green Lanterns #23

Oh if only DC would allow Sam Humphries to go full on R. Lee Ermey via Guy Gardner.

As Jessica and Simon get the full training experience, we are treated to a lot of fun as a bigger story slowly unfolds in between the action.

Humphries’s handle on the characters is still phenomenal, he manages to give each of the characters (and there are a lot this time around) enough of a voice that they feel real (though I wish he gave a more unique voice for Simon, but that is my hang up).

The training exercises that Cruz and Baz go through are well depicted, especially Kyle’s.

This is helped especially by Eduardo Pansica’s art, which is fantastic (I really loved how he showed Baz’s construct and Rayner’s tests)…actually Pansica’s work throughout the issue was gorgeous, can’t wait for him to go properly all out.

A fun ass issue, a full five Thwips!


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