Thwip! Review – Teen Titans #08

You know what I enjoyed the most out of this issue? Learning more about this new Wally West – the anxiety that he feels is the perfect Achilles Heel for Desthstroke to exploit.

The rest of the Teen Titans are also well enough represented in this issue, with each putting in their two cents on the situation while Damian…is Damian.

The three writers for this crossover (and thus this chapter) still are managing to work well, allowing Percy to maintain his grip on the series, while inserting enough of themselves to allow for the crossover story to progress.

So, am pretty satisfied with this sophomore issue of the crossover event.

Khoi Pham’s art is still solid, though he might have been a bit rushed, or my eyes were tired when I was reading, but still I enjoyed his work in this issue and hope he will be involved in the inevitable big throw down…I think he would be great in a big fight scene…ah well, we will have to wait and see.

A good solid four Thwips for this issue, bring on the Desthstroke redemption!


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