Thwip! Review – The Flash #22

So “The Button” crossover is over, was it worth it?

By the time this issue ended I was left with a few mixed feelings. This was a considerably better story than the previous chapter in this crossover (a chapter which I might have bit a bit unfair towards, admittedly), but this story relied on the worst trope of them all…a deus ex machina.

It was a gorgeous little nostalgia moment though.

The issue is basically perfect as a Flash issue, rushing headlong and not giving the reader to breathe as the plot hurdles towards its inevitable conclusion.

But the story itself was a bit too much hinting at the next crossover “Doomsday Clock” rather than satisfactorily finish the story with any sort of definitive conclusion.

Howard Porter’s art is fantastic, conveying just the right amount of energy to the speedster (especially Reverse Flash as he raced to his doom), it really feels like Porter has hit his stride (so to speak) with his Flash run.

Great art, interesting elements, but a bit of a let down overall – Three and a half Thwips for this end of a crossover.


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