Thwip! Review – Batman #23

A very random cross encounter between Swamp Thing and Batman leaves you with some mixed feelings (in a good way).

Tom King manages to put parental issues to the forefront as the Swamp Thing comes to visit Gotham. There are so many elements to this done in one issue that are to like. The story is quick little philosophical treatise on the nature of life and death (and why philosophy sucks when you still gotta be a bit human), has nice light touches of comedy that don’t detract from the overall story (or moment), and some very touching Batman tears (it is a story about fathers afterall).

Then we have Mitch Gerads’s art, which, frankly speaking, is pretty mind blowing. The slightly scratchy nature really works well with the ever changing Swamp Thing who is never all together there and the multi-panel layouts allow for Gerads to really convey a depth of human emotion (that confrontation between Swamp Thing and Batman at the end, wow) that we don’t see too often in super hero comics.

An issue with everything, definitely one to go back to time and time again a full-fledged five Thwips!


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