Thwip! Review – Grrl Scouts – Magic Socks #1

I am still feeling from this comic…’cause it is a hypersonic suplex to your brain as you go from panel to panel trying to piece together the insanity (this is not a bad thing and the actual story actually holds together and this isn’t a bunch of violent acid trips smashed together).

Take the cartoon Aeon Flux and the anime Dead Leaves, this would be the comic book baby that they would have after making all the viewers watch the graphic and xxx-rated sex that they had to conceive this thing.

Jim Mahfood (who does the writing and the art) scripts a fairly insane story of…revenge? I really have no idea what to classify what is going on, but someone is losing their socks (this is more literal than you would imagine). All of his characters are hyper…well, hyper everything and it is kind of glorious as you deal with the skewed style that this comic hurdles the story along. The dialogue is funny and isn’t just put up for kicks, making you work to parse what is true, what is possibly try, and what is just banana-jammies false.

Mahfood’s art style (coupled with Justin Stewart’s very able complimentary coloring and lettering – really, Stewart’s work helps to solidify the entire comics aesthetic) is crazy weird, especially for those who maybe coming from more traditional comic book fair, so be warned! The art is fantastically non-traditional and very non-conforming, though astonishingly beautiful once you start looking at it with some care (that single panel splash page…I want [so donations are welcome], it is such a mixture of regular gorgeous comic book art and the details of psychadelia that this comic oozes).

Definitely a comic book old hands should try, especially if they are getting sick of all the tights and capes – I will give this a massive endorsement of five Thwips and hope it just redlines the rest of the story.


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