Thwip! Review – Superman #23

When we last left Lois, she was kicking everyone’s ass, albeit a little ineffectively.

This issue brings forth every child’s fear – that their parents can’t fix everything. Gleason and Tomasi amp up that phobia for young Jon Kent as he watches helplessly while his parents deal with this strange menace that has finally unveiled itself. While Jon is only seen at the end of the issue, the escalating nature of the conflict and then the pull back to show the reader that Jon is watching and can’t help really hits you right in the emotional gut. Just well done story telling by the duo of Gleason and Tomasi.

(I am going to admit that the Lois losing her leg thing was something I found a little distasteful and too reminiscent of the New 52 edginess)

Doug Mahnke is another reason to love this issue as his art is just gorgeous. That Superman punching through the ground is so wonderfully jaw dropping you can’t help but clap your hands and think that it will all be okay (unfortunately that was just page four and things just got worse from there)

I am going to ding the issue because of the Lois leg thing, otherwise this is a fine build up for the next issue…four Thwips!


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