Thwip! Review – Generation X #1

I started reading comics back in the ’90s just when the original Generation X series was hitting the stands…and I kind of loved it.

So I was gleeful when I heard the series was coming back (yes, this is despite my outright distaste for all things Marvel these days)…but I had to see if my main man Chamber was back in action after being so badly relegated to the sidelines over these past dozen years or so.

And lo and behold, first page there is Chamber and thus I was sold.

That is it for the review everyone, Chamber is in it and that is all you need to know…

Fine, I will talk about this more in depth a little.

So this series seems to be more of the school/teaching aspect of the X-Men line as we get Jubilee (former Generation X member) mentoring over these crazy kids who include Quentin Quire, Eye-Boy, Nature Girl, Bring!, Morph, and our introductory character – Hindsight.

The story is pretty on course as we get introduced to our main cast and a little bit about their powers – Christina Strain does one thing quite incredibly well and that is make Hindsight actually intriguing enough that we want to know what his deal is, I always hated it when. Our POV character is too much of a blank slate. The other clever thing is that thanks to his powers, he gets a quick and brief look into who his teammates are (which also provides us the reader to get a quick visual recap as well).

I am not a big fan of the cliffhanger, seems like that is the same thing that the other X-Men groups are dealing with at the moment (which makes sense, but I kind of wanted the kids to have their own weird adventures…well, there is still time).

Art by Amilcar Pinna was…unusual. At some points I hated it and other times I was quite intrigued by it. Technically it is actually quite good and very pretty, though the way the faces are drawn are very different from what people are normally used to seeing (not a bad thing, just giving warning). 

I just realized that the style reminds me of Taiyo Matsumoto’s Tekkenkinkreet – which is an excellent thing indeed.

A solid beginning to the new generation of X-Men, four Thwips!


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