Thwip! Reviews – Archie #20

So the gang is back in Riverdale and that means more drama and shenanigans (but less murder, this is a teen comic book after all).

Mark Waid really has been putting this updated series through its paces, giving just enough of modern twists to classic Archie moments that make it feel familiar, but yet fresh.

Most of the time.

Because despite that praise, I kind of hate his Reggie (I know I am supposed to, but this Reggie seems kind of viciously mean for no reason) and the challenge that he throws down is dangerously reckless and something that Archie wouldn’t rise to (and not because his car wouldn’t start), instead finding some way (with the help of the gang) to give Reggie his comeuppance.

I will admit though that this issue has left me wondering where the heck is this story going and what is going to happen next, so in that sense it succeeds.

The art is also something of a bit unfortunate mess, which is strange since Pete Woods is an excellent artist (his art in the recent(ish) Jimmy Olsen miniseries was great), but there were many panels and pages that felt rushed to completion and lacked any of that gorgeous workmanship that Woods is known for.

The story itself was intriguing, but there are misfires here and there that made for a less than stellar reading experience – two and a half Thwips.


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