Thwip! Review – Jughead #15

Ah Jughead, food is both your love and your downfall.

An interesting way to begin this new storyline as Sabrina comes back into Jughead’s life to accidentally wreak more havoc.

Plus, Josie and the Pussycats!

Mark Waid and Ian Flynn work quite well together as they put the gang through their paces and maintaining their goofy wholesomeness rthroughthe absurdity of their lives (it is kind of weird how this comic series is considered iconic Americana when there is a full-on witch involved, but hey, we gotta acknowledge the Salem Witch Trials in some way I guess). I liked the way that this story is a pretty classic-style story, this updated Jughead series has been great, but sometimes I like to tread upon familiar territory.

Derek Charm is a superstar, with his charming (see what I did there?) art working really well for this series. The characters are bright, poppy, and very much on the other end of traditional mainstream comics (where the one end is superheroes and their ilk). I hope he doesn’t leave for a long time (and if and when be does, his next project will let him bring more of these aesthetics to the forefront).

A good solid issue, four Thwips!


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