Thwip!’s Retro Tuesday – Queen and Country

Tuesday means that Thwip! goes “retro” and talks about collections/storylines that we think were awesome (and still are) – today we talk about Queen and Country.

There are some days when you want superheroes, there are some days when you want drama, and then there are those days when you just want people doing their work competently.

I call those Star Trek days.

But if you want some great spywork fiction that is all about the war being waged in Afghanistan (primarily), then you want to read Greg Rucka’s series Queen and Country.

Covering the Special Operations Section of Britain’s SIS, this is all about the competent Tara Chace as she does her black-ops spy stuff that involves, stealth and murder and getting the hell out of dodge.

The series deals with the various operations that Chace and her crew have to perform as the world still tries to figure out what to do with the Taliban and all those associated repurcussions.

The series throws you into the spyspeak as Operations communicates with the field agents and you have to really read in order to understand the implications of each tense moment that unfolds.

I am going to admit, the art isn’t always fantastic, being from rough and basic to being stylized and a bit too comic book-y, but the stories themselves are compelling to power any reader through.

For those looking something different from the usual comic book superhero fare, check out Queen and Country.


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