Manhwa Monday – Blade of the Phantom Master

Sweeping landscapes, folkstories, beautiful babies wielding impossibly large weapons, Blade of the Phantom Master (also known as Shin Angyo Onshi) is an epic manhwa (Korean manga for those who are not in the know) that deserves to be read.

The story follows Munsu, an amoral former guardian of the king of the (fictional) kingdom of Jushin. He isn’t just any guardian though, wielding the three mahai medallion of his station, being able to summoning and other great magic. Munsu is a very charismatic lead character and as soon as you start reading his exploits from the first chapter you get hooked as you learn more about this fallen kingdom of Jushin and what the heck is Munsu up to as he wanders the countryside basically being a less fourth-wall breaking version of Deadpool.

As the story unfolds, you find yourself unable to tear away as Munsu and his companions face insurmountable odds and we get the background of the entire saga revealed, it truly becomes worth the read as Munsu just keeps on going.

The art is pretty good, though kind of stereotypical for sword and sorcery mangas (I am not as familiar with manhwas, but a lot of mangas definitely have this aesthetic). That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, just that it is nothing exceptional (good monsters though).

So for those of you in the mood for an epic story, you will definitely enjoy reading about Munsu and his saga in Blade of the Phantom Master.


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