Thwip! Manhwa Mondays – Gosu (The Master)

We know it’s usually Manga Mondays, but we figured that since it’s in the ballpark, why not review a Manhwa (a korean comic). Today, we’re going to be talking about Gosu.

Easiest comparison one can pull here is One Punch Man (any self respecting anime or manga fan should be familiar with the antics of the Caped Baldy). Gosu is basically OPM but in a historical setting where instead of superheroes, we have martial artists and warriors. The term Gosu is used to refer to an exceptionally skilled person, and is usually used by the gaming community. In the world of Gosu, the term is used to refer to exceptionally powerful fighters, such as Gang Ryong, the chubby dumpling delivery boy who serves as the protagonist.

After being trained practically his entire life by Dogko Ryong, who was once known as the Heavenly Destroyer and revered as the strongest warrior alive, Gang Ryong sets out into the world after his master’s demise. Armed to the teeth with both his master’s weapons and heavenly martial arts, he ventures on a quest to avenge his master, who was betrayed and left for dead by his four generals 20 years ago. But before his glorious quest even has a chance to begin, our hero finds out while dining at a dumpling shop, that the four generals had already killed each other soon after they turned on his master, and that their “”Heavenly Destruction” sect pretty much dissolved at the same time (oboy). So now our hero is forced to walk the earth solving problems and fighting injustice.

Gosu follows a pretty similar format to OPM in terms of story arcs, where the big bads get consecutively stronger, but no matter how powerful they may be, Gang Ryong pretty much beats the living bejeezus out of them with ease.

Series creators, Moon Jung-hoo and Ryu Ki-wong, craft a tale of unfulfilled vengeance with a comedic undertone. Almost every chapter has a panel or two that will make the reader smile be it via gag or fourth wall break. The story obviously takes a serious turn as it progresses, but even then, the writers manage to keep a fine balance between action and comedy quite flawlessly, that it leaves the reader wanting for more.

So, if you’re in the market for a light-hearted historical comedy with ridiculous DBZ-esque combat sequences, then Gosu is the manhwa we recommend for you.


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