Thwip! Watch – Riverdale S01E02 – “A Touch of Evil”

Thwip! Watch is all about what goes on our screens, namely TV. Whether CW or Fox or NBC or what-have-you, you can be sure that we here at Thwip! have been watching it. Today we are going to talk about Riverdale.

I kind of liked my Tweet-thoughts for last episode, so am going to continue that format for this series.

  1. Good “Pep” reference
  2. Wow, Jason looks ugly…and messed up
  3. Jughead’s over-dramatic narration is good in that it helps to establish how surreal this show is
  4. Take a drink, there’s Archie’s abs
  5. Aww, they are texting
  6. Ouch, rejected.
  7. Holy crap, I keep forgetting the girl next door thing was also literal
  8. Also, no-shirt jogging, take another drink, ’cause they showing off Archie’s abs again
  9. The shocking hotness of Ms. Grundy has worn off – she looks plastic now
  10. You know this show really is setting up that this is a world that Sabrina the teenage witch could exist in – a Melissa Joan Hart cameo please!
  11. Dang, Mama Cooper is a serious asshole
  12. Why are they walking in the middle of the road? Damn pedestrians
  13. Reconciliation! Classic Archie story…
  14. They gotta fix Archie’s brows…
  15. I still don’t get Archie and Jughead’s tension…they better explain it soon
  16. Way too much gay Kevin…I liked it when it was just a small part of your personality like in the comics
  17. I could do with cupcakes around now
  18. Very weird to have Veronica so repentant – but since Mr. Lodge is missing, this I guess makes sense
  19. Oooh, foreshadowing of the greatest friendships of all time
  21. Kind of miss Weatherbee’s paunch though
  22. Man this revelation is dramatic
  23. And Cheryl is a great antagonist, they are giving her a meaty role
  24. Repercussions of July 4th are far-reaching! *drama*
  25. Dang, Cheryl is savage – “living mannequin”
  26. Professor Flutesnoot exists!
  27. Dang, Moose is embracing his…masculinity?
  28. Ouch, rejected
  29. Why does Archie act as if he shot Jason? Seriously, chill dude
  30. So far Cheryl is the standout
  32. Why is this doctor so creepy? He doesn’t look out of place of a Sherlock episode
  33. Bring out the Midge!
  34. Wow, that was a breakdown Betty
  35. Let’s see what Weatherbee brings to the table
  36. He (Weatherbee) kind of reminds me of Gus Fring from Breaking Bad – that is kind of terrifying.
  37. Archie really is an awkward kid…who has the body of someone who isn’t 16
  38. Damn, now Grundy is going off the deep-end, this is emotional manipulation at its finest
  39. Finally, Jughead is becoming a part of things…great for all the drama!
  40. Cheryl is so fourth-wall aware, it is fantastic – she is our Mister Mxyzptlk
  41. Confrontation! Another classic Betty and Veronica moment
  42. Veronica explains why “nice guy” syndrome does not work.
  43. Why was she going to suggest the same thing? That blatant lie hurt my brain
  44. Pop’s is back to being awesome – hiring Hermione Lodge – it is what he does, saves people through small miracles
  46. That was the best Betty story ever…such a Bob Bolling moment – I miss you so much now
  47. Sorry Cheryl, Betty’s room is a nightmare
  48. You are over-playing your hand Cheryl
  49. Oh, she knows it…I shouldn’t have doubted her
  50. Damn, that is some dramatic music
  52. I like how annoyed Jughead is with the fact there are more revelations that he doesn’t know about.
  53. Ah Jughead, always the voice of reason
  54. Archie you misplayed your hand
  55. Lots of poker references today (by me, not the show)
  56. Also, seriously, what is up with you Mrs. Cooper
  57. Finally a bit of proper backbone from Betty
  58. Your mom is fucked up Betty, not crazy…
  59. Ah Mantle, really such a meathead – love it!
  60. Ah Reggie and Jughead – eternal adversaries
  62. Yup, that ended just like expected
  63. Hmmm, Fred giving decent advice? Let’s see how this blows up
  64. WHY IS KEVIN ALWAYS RANDOMLY WALKING AROUND PLACES? (not as a pedestrian at least)
  65. Why doesn’t he have his name on the back of his jersey
  66. Reconciliation! Name of the Archie game folks
  67. Also, I am still soliciting for burgers for my Thwip! watch episodes, come on people help me out
  68. SECURITY! (“Head of State” reference, watch the movie, cry yourself to sleep after doing so)
  69. Where is Chuck Clayton? Come on…
  70. No…this is not “Sugar, sugar” – this is some remix abomination – DO YOUR OWN SONGS JOSIE!
  71. Thank god that was short
  72. Oh shit, Cheryl is losing it
  73. I am fairly sure this is a Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver situation between Cheryl and Jason
  74. Oh for the love of crap, don’t fall for that shit Betty
  75. Whew, she didn’t…
  76. Also, Pop’s!
  77. Who is the random fizzicist? Keep Pop’s on stage fools!
  78. Nicely done, hints and foreshadowings of classic Archie
  79. Wait, is Flutesnoot’s name Dr. Phylum? That makes no sense…
  80. Ah Trump’s America – ’cause it looks like Jason was tortured

Still a really weird show, but am around, way too many questions need to be answered before I let go of it.


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