Thwip! Reviews – Venom #01

So Marvel’s been trying out a few different thing with their all new MARVEL NOW launch, and Venom is one of those comics that is undergoing an overhaul.

This was a perfectly serviceable comic.

If you wanted more Spawn and Darkness – because that is exactly what they have rebooted Venom into.

The story by Mike Costa is a real throwback to those ’90s comics and with Gerardo Sandoval’s art, it solidifies that concept. While Costa doesn’t provide enough of a story to make us feel invested in this new Venom, he does try very hard to convince us this new host is a guy we should be rooting for (or at least be interested in reading his story).

Unfortunately, in keeping Lee (the new host) cool and cold, he turns a bit too icy in his demeanor and ends up becoming “stereotypical cool hard man of the ’90s” no charm or any other redeeming qualities to keep us around.

Sandoval’s art is scratchy and full of those lines that make everything feel sharp and oh so “edgy.” It’s actually kind of nice, but not my personal favorite style.

Kind of a “meh” series opener, but going to give it a chance.


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